Single Mothers Legal Rights

Single mothers certainly have a lot to think about. As well as organizing their time around caring for a child and bringing in money, they may well have cause to think about their legal rights. Luckily, there’s a good support network for single mothers who might otherwise feel alone. There are many places to turn to for advice, in the form of government workers, help line numbers, charities and meetings. It’s wise for single mothers to familiarize themselves with their rights in order to get a good idea of where they stand in terms of entitlements and recourse to expert help when things go wrong.

Child Support

One of the most important legal entitlements a single mother has is to apply for child support from the biological father of their child. Circumstances differ, but whatever the nature of the relationship between the single mother and the father she should be financially supported in taking care of the child. Single moms can apply for child support in any state and if a court order is required to ensure payments are received then it will normally be granted. Child support enforcement officers have means of ensuring that fathers pay what they’re meant to by law and they will help single moms with legal representation.


In custody battles mothers are usually successful. If a single mom can show that she’s not unfit to take care of a child, then she’ll be awarded custody in the vast majority of cases. If a case makes it to court, which is rare, a father would have to prove beyond doubt that a mother is unfit for looking after her children in order to be successful in a custody battle. Legal rights protect single moms in custody battles and assistance is available should the need arise.

Legal Right To Assistance With Housing

The law dictates that single moms should be given assistance when it comes to finding a safe place to live with their child. Single moms on low incomes can apply to their local Department for Housing and Urban Development to get advice and application forms. There are single mothers grants available and vouchers to help with paying the rent. There are people to help single moms to find home and social housing schemes whereby a percentage of the income can be taken for rent. It’s worth finding out the particulars of different states when it comes to legal rights to assistance with housing.

Legal Right To Financial Assistance

Single moms all have the right to apply to the government and local agencies for financial assistance if they need it. This means there’s assistance available for unemployed single moms to help them get on their feet during a potentially difficult time. Financial aid for single mothers is also available to those who are still legally married when the husband is no longer living at home, and it pays to find out about all the options available when things get tough.

Unmarried Mom’s Rights To Employment

It’s illegal for employers to discriminate against single moms when it comes to hiring. On a practical level, single moms have recourse to free representation if they feel that an employer has broken this law. There are agencies to help single moms get back into work and places to go for advice about jobs.

Single moms have the right to certain freedoms when it comes to raising their child. There are religious freedoms, the right to decide about certain aspects of education, decisions about medical care and other areas where a single mom can decide what’s best for their child within the framework of the law. For serious legal issues that arise it’s always best to get professional advice and assistance.